Retailers need empathy to understand customers

why some customers so difficult to deal with? Why are some customers always so picky? If retailers are not able to stand in the customer’s point of view, it will never understand, perhaps after a long run naturally easy to lose customers. I’ve been in the supermarket for 20 years. The supermarket is located in five hospitals in the side door of Miao xiang. It should be said that the location is excellent, especially because of excellent medical hospital doctor, a doctor came to hospitalized patients a lot, there are many patients or their families will be my guest. read more

To make money easy to open beauty salons to pay attention to what

beauty of the hearts of all people, especially in the rapid economic development of the society, people are more so, which brings a huge market for beauty salons. But for entrepreneurs, how to open a beauty salon in order to easily make money? Xiao Bian now have to take everyone to see.

elements: beauty salon location. Beauty salon is a real service business shops, in the specified address and business district to start their own business. Therefore, the key to open beauty salon is the choice of address. First of all, to analyze their own beauty salons in the location of a variety of commercial factors. read more

What are the OTC brand promotion method

came out with a new brand, if you want to go to the market, naturally need to master a certain promotion methods, so that more people will be able to accept this brand. However, for many shopkeepers, how to promote this brand is a problem, the following, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the success of this industry is how to do.

Li, this month a brand of OTC (Changle) but I booked a lot of it "in June 29th, visited a 90 customer in customer said proudly. In the communication conversation, learned that his collection of brand promotion. He said, "is nothing more than four points, a good grasp of the OTC is not a problem". read more

Sun Lili let her become a millionaire pig’s trotters shop

business is a wonderful thing, people can change the status quo in the shortest time, with his new, many successful people are relying on the successful completion of the entrepreneurial life counter attack, today we bring such a positive example of a girl to start their own success and pig’s trotters shop rich look.

2003 to 2004, the family has always been in debt. Because Sun Lili high school tuition has not landed, the parents had to crustily skin around to borrow money, and the embarrassing reality is because of long-term borrowing, the village has no one is willing to lend the sun. The reason is also very direct: not afraid.

read more

Only ten thousand yuan of funds can also be successful in the hands of entrepreneurship

many entrepreneurs in the choice of investment projects, will be subject to financial constraints. If you have sufficient entrepreneurial funds, then the choice of space will be relatively large. But for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, it may be only ten thousand yuan in the hands of venture capital, then how to succeed in business?

first types: Entrepreneurial vendors

consumers for vendors absolutely not unfamiliar, this mode of management usually appeared in crowded places, such as the night market, scenic area, station and so on. There are two types, one is in the form of carts, catering mainly to the sale of goods, such as Roasted Chicken, USDA omnivorous, breakfast; the other is to use a big towel or big box, will be placed in the ground or goods of specific local display and sell such goods, clothes, cover and contain everything. Hair, glasses, leather and so on are. To join the ranks of the vendors, agile, have good ears and eyes are necessary conditions. If the entrepreneur and if the lotus can believe the performance that can definitely. But business quite a body vendors, but also pay attention to the epidemic, so unless the sale of goods is in my hand the production of goods, otherwise engaged in this industry vendors or strong and more suitable for young people. read more

Robin Li teach entrepreneurship tips

Robin Li is the leader in the field of Internet search, now has a large company, so his success is how to get, do not worry, today we bring you to teach the seven secrets of success Robin Li.

Robin Li did not follow the flow into the field of electronic commerce, but quietly walked to the still few people interested in Web search. Robin Li warned young people eager to look forward to: there must be two eyes. Follow the trend, catch the tide, you have probably just odds and ends of a meal.

first recruit: look forward to two years read more

What are the strategies to solve the clothing inventory

although who do not want to overstock inventory, but the current store, whether or not, the phenomenon of inventory is very common. Once the backlog of goods, naturally need to find ways to solve inventory. In the "art of war", the worst is that usually no overall plan for a fundamental transformation of the way to solve the clothing inventory plan is auspicious, without considering the comprehensive export, inventory simplification, compression inventory purpose is simple, only reduce inventory, regardless of cost, brand image synthesis factor. read more

The three step simple process allows you to open a clothing store

shop can not be blind investment, especially in the clothing industry is booming, must be carefully analyzed in all aspects, to understand the market situation, the choice of the right project investment is likely to be successful. Below, small series will share with you the process of clothing store opening.

Analysis of district location survey – Decoration – Opening –


1, considering the clothing store for the store, reduce the cost to reduce the rent, shop area is less, so they decided to rent 10 square meters of shops can be. read more

The failure of financing Official exposure Zhou Botong recruitment money can live a year and a half

review: "current account cash at least within a year and a half will not affect the company’s survival, and, by the end of this year and early next year we will have several big moves."

I horse news (Zhou Luping) November 1st news, yesterday, the recruitment of community "Zhou Botong has been discovered the failure of financing, layoffs 2/3 news. The evening of November 1st, Zhou Botong Feng Tao of I said the founder of dark horse, indeed recently experienced some changes in personnel, but with layoffs Never mind, reason is the strategic focus of the company’s personnel changes from the PC to the mobile terminal end. read more

Film and television website piracy New Water Margin Anhui TV claims 100 million

because of the new "Water Margin". The purchase price did not broadcast before the network encountered robbery at the beginning of this year, Anhui satellite TV jointly launched the "returning" brothers TV rights statement, however, do the film side of the network theft. However, with the August 2nd new "Water Margin" and the national premiere approaching, some websites grab broadcast or piracy further intensified, Anhui satellite TV rights upgrade again, yesterday, reporters from the Anhui television network responsible for the solution of spring was informed, Anhui satellite TV has drafted a lawyer’s letter to the movie theater, Wowo wandering robbery of new "Water Margin" the media claims 100 million yuan, which is currently the first case of TV media piracy from astronomical claims. read more

Entrepreneurship disease report blog into the failure of the video fever is difficult to retreat

computer world cover article: venture enterprise disease report

is a close call "entrepreneurial things." Qing group president Ni Zhengdong said. People who don’t start a business don’t understand. But now, too much wealth and entrepreneurial Legend Legend every entrepreneur befog the minds of the people, want to be Robin Li, Ma Yunhe Ma Huateng, each entrepreneurial enterprises want to become Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent. However, backfired. Too much of the risk of investment, so that they become more weak; too many ideas, so that they become more manic; too fast burn, let them become more short-lived. read more

Google reiterated that China does not withdraw from the Asia Pacific strategy needs to be more local

March 21st news, according to foreign media reports, Google will move its Chinese search business in Hongkong after the company said it would continue to expand business in the Asia Pacific region. Earlier this year, Google also announced that it will add 500 employees in asia. In addition, in January this year, Google also announced that it will set up a new office in Kuala Lumpur. Earlier this month, Google business in Japan and the Asia Pacific Regional Director Daniel · Bllegre (Daniel Alegre) accepted the media interview. In the interview, Bllegre talked about the challenges and opportunities facing the company in asia. read more

Domestic web page preview functional web site to see online

Admin5 station network March 6th news website picture snapshot service website look network ( recently on the line, the website mainly provides Web, video, music, merchandise snapshot function, can achieve the picture page preview and playback page.

According to

reporter on the site operation, with a look at the official network of a section of code in the website source files, then add a class=" in the Admin5 Adsense Trading Forum hyperlink; snap_preview" code, there is a small window like a TV screen picture behind Admin5 webmaster trading the forum will, click on the picture will appear after the link web page snapshot, very interesting. read more

Good collective climax on the WeChat Android 5.2 beta.


] core tip anyway, Tencent towards the right path out of the first step, although this step is so cautious and spent such a long time. Perhaps, Android Design real spring, it is coming in China


No. 21 at noon or afternoon, the Tencent in the application of treasure authorized users in the WeChat Android 5.2 beta version, many users first time update.

I do not want to install

due to the application of treasure, and I also like the beta version before already seen, and there is no charge. Say something else this time. read more

Robin Li talk about the outcome of the mobile nternet Era only BAT and small vertical platform reta

Robin Li

Phoenix Technology News

news May 29th, 2015 Baidu Union summit in Yunnan today in Tengchong, the establishment of 13 years of Baidu alliance, the mobile era, LIAN future "as the theme, that from a traffic platform evolved into entrepreneurial ecosystem goals. Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li in his opening speech, not only to share the mobile Internet Era "two ending" speculation, also describes how the development of Baidu in which the role and relationship with partners. read more

DC more than the national network self-examination white list system will continue to spread

December 22nd afternoon news, around the country for Internet access is gradually upgrading rectification. According to a survey of folk, at least more than 10 provinces and cities, due to the local computer network self-examination was severely affected. Insiders pointed out that in the current situation, the white single machine is bound to spread in the IDC service providers.

from late November to the beginning of this year, there have been a number of provinces and cities nationwide telecom operator room service interruption, suspension, or even completely stop the phenomenon of service. Among them, a large number of off network events occur without warning, many of the daily operations of the site are affected. read more

Personal website construction should have brand awareness

      in the third session of Chinese webmaster General Assembly held this year and the 2007 China webmaster forum, deputy director Chinese Internet association Gao Xinmin said, as of 2006, the number of domestic personal website has reached 240 thousand. He also said that the size of the domestic website is expected to reach 420 thousand in 2009, the number of individual sites accounted for the total number of sites 1/4. From the 2002 large-scale rise of personal websites to the present, in the field of personal web site emerged as part of the success of the typical. But, then again, from the absolute number of website said the real success of the personal website or pathetic. Why many personal websites are not successful? In addition to a part of the Guangzhou website construction is out of personal preference, but never thought of making money, there may be a large part of the personal website are hoping to find the hope of making money from the network.
      however, from the current situation of the development and construction of personal website, follow the trend of many, have their own characteristics of less. To understand what others do network can make money, we would herd, web site, such as secretarial station, Download Station etc.. From those who go on the success of personal sites, they have their own innovation, has its own characteristics, summed up in one word, that is, they have a certain brand awareness. At the beginning of their establishment or in the establishment of their own website to know. read more

Network marketing strategy of small and medium sized enterprises to open up new marketing ideas

SME network marketing strategy to open up new marketing ideas

With the

network across the world, from the market itself to businesses and consumers are increasingly accepting the changes brought by the network, the network marketing has also emerged, and because of its unique features is becoming the mainstream of modern marketing, whether marketing environment or marketing method is a conversion process. Relative to large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprise marketing because of the emergence of network marketing has opened up a new marketing ideas. read more

Problems and Countermeasures in the construction and promotion of small and medium sized enterprises

enterprise website construction is an important part of the implementation of informatization of small and medium sized enterprises, promote the informationization of small and medium-sized enterprises is the inevitable requirement of new industrial road walk, small and medium-sized enterprises of goods or service network is to adapt to the wise choice of enterprise management in the new era. The small and medium-sized enterprise website construction is to provide an online advertising window to people, but also a breakthrough, realize the informationization of small and medium-sized enterprises now, basically have set up their own websites, but there are still a number of small and medium enterprises are still not aware of the importance of website construction, this article analyzes the problems and Countermeasures on the site the construction and promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises have established simple website: read more